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Terms of Services
(Updated June 9, 2010)

Unless otherwise stated, the purchase price includes: design of your website, domain name registration, site hosting, update requests anytime, search engine optimization, performance tracking, and personalized service! ** Most customers only request monthly or quarterly text-based updates. If your website requires more frequent or extensive updates additional charges may apply.  We will work together to create a custom package and price that is right for you.

Contact and Updates
I pride myself on having very personalized service. Since my hours of website design work are irregular, email is always the best way to ensure that your questions and concerns will be answered most efficiently.  Most updates are made within 2 business days of the request. (Updates involving photos, redesign, or changes to layout may take longer.)

Design Service Expiration and Renewal
One month prior to your website design expiration you will be reminded that your next year's payment is due.  Each year your payment entitles you to the website design layout that I created as well as updates, web space, and email accounts. Payments must be made by the account expiration date or the website will no longer be active. If you choose to discontinue your service with me, you retain full rights to your domain name. However, if you would like to continue using my website design layout you must pay a design fee for the copyright.

All work performed by Amy Brown is copyrighted by Amy Brown. The client understands that they have rights only to web publication and shall agree to display the banner "Websites by Amy Brown" on the bottom of every web page produced by Amy Brown. Any other reproduction by means of printing and/or transferring to other media may be considered copyright infringement. Copyrights may be purchased outright by the client or subject to limited use. The client also understands that all works, expressly marked or not, are protected by copyright laws. Amy Brown will take no responsibility or ensuring material supplied by the client has been authorized for reproduction. The client further warrants that they either own or have properly licensed/obtained copyright(s) or copyright permission to any work which they have supplied for use/reproduction, and the client agrees to assume full legal and financial responsibility for any copyright suit or action which may take place regarding materials they have supplied. (READ MORE ABOUT COPYRIGHT LAWS PERTAINING TO ARTWORK AND WEBSITE DESIGN)

Amy Brown agrees to deliver the requested work in a timely manner and shall conform to the standards as agreed. Where work is performed by other parties as designated by the client, Amy Brown cannot be held liable for their performance, although Websites by Amy Brown shall make its best effort to work with these other parties.

The client understands that all web page designs, graphics and programming work, except those provided by the client, are the property of Amy Brown. In the case of any programming (scripting, html) work, which includes shopping carts, banner rotation programs, database programs and the like, the client understands that they do not have any rights to duplicate, resell or give away any programs created by Amy Brown. Programs created by Amy Brown may not be used on other websites unless purchased by the client outright.  The domain name is the property of the client. If services are terminated with Amy Brown the client retains their ownership of their domain name. The client does not retain the right to use Amy Brown's website design after services are terminated.

Amy Brown's responsibility for typographical, pricing, or other errors shall be strictly limited to correcting such errors if they are pointed out to her. It is the client's responsibility to proofread all work and to ensure that it is (a) satisfactory, (b) correct as to size, content etc, (c) suitable for intended use, and (d) within proper copyright and other restrictions before the website is opened to the public.

Offensive Material
The client will not use the Web Site, nor any other service provided by Amy Brown to publish any material that may be construed as Defamatory or Offensive to any other third party. Amy Brown shall not be held liable for any material published through its services, Amy Brown maintains full indemnity from any claims arising from any defamatory, obscene material, or any other breach of rights on the clients sites. The client is fully responsible for the content of their Website, and any other data transmitted through Amy Brown's services, and Amy Brown will not undertake to monitor or control client data in respect to any content therein. Furthermore, the client agrees to indemnify Amy Brown in respect of any claims brought against Amy Brown arising from the content of their website or use of any other services, whether it be for defamatory comments, infringements of rights, or any other offence.

Loss of Earnings
Amy Brown will not be held liable for any loss of business incurred due to the failure of any of its services. This includes, but is not restricted to, loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect consequential or special loss. Amy Brown will not be held responsible for the fraudulent use, or any other misuse, of any material held on our computers, in particular any Credit Card information held thereon.

To maintain our portfolio credentials, and the integrity of any applicable copyrights, Amy Brown maintains the right to place a small logo on the client's website which will link back to Amy Brown's website. Amy Brown also maintains the right to reproduce the client's website in her portfolio and in any marketing materials.

Terms of Services  -  Copyright All rights reserved  -  Amy U. Brown  -  Amy@WebsitesbyAmyBrown.com