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Purchasing Information

Step 1: Contact Amy
Express your interest in working with Amy to create a website. This can be done by visiting the "Contact Amy" page, or by sending an email to Amy@WebsitesByAmyBrown.com

Step 2: Gathering Information
Fill out the New Customer Questionnaire. The questionnaire is meant to gather as much information as possible to give Amy the necessary background information about your website. This includes brochures, business plans, logos, and images you want incorporated into your website.

Step 3: Creating a Site Map
Using the information you provided in Step 2, Amy will create a sitemap that shows the general flow of your website. This will include the main list of menu items to be listed on every page, as well as a list of the secondary pages and what each of those will contain. The site map may be revised a few times before moving on to Step 4.

Step 4: Deposit
Before the design process begins, a $250 deposit is due to Amy Brown. The deposit is intended to cover the time spent on the artistic process of creating the website design. The deposit is non-refundable once work has begun on Step 5 of the website.

Step 5: Basic Page Design
The basic page design, or wire frame, is primarily image and text free, but it will show you where your website navigation will go, fonts and font colors, header and footer, and where the primary text body will be. The website is still in it's early stages, and you can notify Amy of any concerns. This custom design will be used to create all the other pages for your website, and it is important to get it "just right" before we move forward.

Step 6: Finalizing the Design and Inserting the Content
After receiving approval of Step 5, Amy will move forward to create all the pages for your website, and insert the content as outlined in Step 3. This is the phase when you should finalize all of the text that you'll have on your website. Look through the site carefully for typos, image placement, etc before approving the design.

Step 7: Uploading your Website to the Internet and Domain Name Registration
Your website is ready to go live and become available to the world!
If you do not already have a domain name please DO NOT purchase one. Allow me to do it for you. It saves me time in the setup process since I can link it directly to my servers.  If you have any doubt about which domain name you should request, please be sure to let me know so I can help you with this decision. Once you choose a domain name I will register it and upload all of your files to your website!

Step 8: Final Payment
Your first years payment is due when your site is uploaded to the internet.



Design Service Expiration and Renewal
One month prior to your website design expiration you will be reminded that your next year's payment is due.  Each year your payment entitles you to the website design layout that I created as well as updates, web space, and email accounts. Payments must be made by the account expiration date or the website will no longer be active. If you choose to discontinue your service with me, you always have full rights to your domain name.   However, if you would like to continue using my website design layout you must pay for the copyright.

Contact and Updates
I pride myself on having very personalized service. Since my hours of website design work are irregular, email is always the best way to ensure that your questions and concerns will be answered most efficiently.  Most updates are made within 2 business days of the request. (Updates involving photos, redesign, or changes to layout may take longer.)

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